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Product in the picture: Equivi Recovery

Product in the picture: Equivi Recovery

Every now and then , we put one of our products in the spotlight.
This time, we'll introduce you to the Equivi Recovery gel.

This amazing recovery gel is your savior after an intensive training. This gel provides a faster recovery after an intensive training or at competitions. The gel contains natural ingridiënts that stimulate a faster regeneration process of the muuscles and tendons. These ingrediënts trigger the blood circulation, relieves the tensed en fatigued muscles. That means the horse recovers way faster than ever before after an intensive training or a competition. 

Above that, the gel also helps healing minor muscle and tendon damage which are caused by repetitive overloads on specific muscle groups. 

On top of that, it's approved and certified by the FEI laboratory. Therefor, it contains no prohibited substances. That means, you can use it during competition season. 


So buy now or regret later!

You can find this amazing product on our webshop or you can buy it at our showroom in Duffel. 


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