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Did you know - Leather

Did you know - Leather

Your bridle and breastplate in cow or calf leather, that's the question.

What's the difference between cow leather (Q1) and calf leather (Q2)? Is a question we often get. 


So here's the difference:


Cow leather is one of the most popular leathers. You can recognise it by its structure as the natural characteristics are clearly visible. It's a bit heavier and often a bit stiffer than other kinds of leather.


Calf leather, however, has a fine and soft structure with often a velvety appearance. It's often more comfortable from the first use onwards as it's more supple than cow leather. 


So if you oil your cow leather frequently, it will become as soft as the calf leather. Both will do their job perfectly fine!


Now that you know the difference between the two, you can order your perfect bridle, breastplate,.. on our webshop. Don't like shopping online? Come visit us at our store in Duffel!



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