Greenfield's Get Together: Gilles Thomas

Greenfield's Get Together: Gilles Thomas

Describe yourself in 3 words..

Winners mentality, stress resistant, perfectionist


Describe Greenfield in 3 words..

Good service, good price quality ratio, wide range


Best horse..



Describe him in 3 words..

Good mentality, lots of blood and a lot of power


If he was a famous person, who would it be?

He's very fresh and active, but also has a lot of power and very nice around the stable so he'd be The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).


Biggest example:

Marcus Ehning


What would you have liked to achieve in your career?

I would like to take part in a senior championship.


If you could choose one horse of the past to take over the reins, which one would it be?

I'd choose my uncle's (Marc Van Dijck) best horse, Verelst Goliath. It was a really good horse and I would like to see how far I would get with it. Also to compare with my uncle.


And if you could choose one in the present?

I would chose All-Inn of Peder Fredericson.


If you could trade places with one rider it would be..

Peder Fredericson. He has a very good stable of horses and is a real horseman. He is so focused and looks like he never has any worries. He lives in Sweden surrounded by nature without any stress.


Favorite indoor competition..

Jumping Mechelen


Favorite outdoor competition..

Aachen, I've never ridden it, but it's my goal to ride there. 


Daily routine on competition days?

First I check the horses and then I ride them a bit to see how they feel. Then I prepare for the competitions.


First thing you do in the morning..

Shower and go to the stables


Last thing you do at night..

Put my clothes ready so that I don't have to think about it in the morning. That way I don't lose any time in the morning.


Guilty Pleasure..

FC de Kampioenen


Favorite serie/film..



Favorite food..

I love Italian food, especially pasta


Lucky charm..

None, I don't believe in lucky charms and I don't have any special rituals either


Advice for riders who want to make it in the sport..

If you work hard, you'll always have doors opening somehow and you'll get there. Especially in equestrian it's 24/7, it's not a tennis racket you can put aside. I believe hard work always pays off. Never stop believing in yourself.


What does it mean to you to be part of team Greenfield?

It's a real honor to be part of team Greenfield. To be asked to promote their brand is also a big confirmation that you're doing a good job. 


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